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    How to greet your straight friends

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    Solar energy that doesn’t block the view

    A team of researchers at Michigan State University has developed a new type of solar concentrator that when placed over a window creates solar energy while allowing people to actually see through the window. It is called a transparent luminescent solar concentrator and can be used on buildings, cell phones and any other device that has a clear surface. And, according to Richard Lunt of MSU’s College of Engineering, the key word is “transparent.”

    [read more at MSU] [paper] [picture credit: Yimu Zhao]


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    new school year

    new alcohol 

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    Two funny things

    1. She has game. Like A LOT!!!

    2. In the show he was literally the technology expert…


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    "I’m so upset right now"

    *smokes a blunt*

    "Idk why I was even mad tho"

    So fucking true

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    im only 9, clefairy

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